Steering Towards a Better Tomorrow

At AGY (Asia Global Yachting), we recognise that our journey through the world’s oceans comes with a profound responsibility. The vast waters that offer us so much also remind us of our duty to protect, preserve, and promote sustainable practices in everything we do.

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Environmental Stewardship:

The pristine waters, rich marine ecosystems, and breathtaking coastlines we sail through are treasures we are committed to protecting. AGY continually invests in eco-friendly technologies and practices, ensuring that our fleet operates with minimal environmental impact. From reducing emissions to promoting responsible wildlife interactions, our commitment to the environment runs deep.

Community Engagement:

The regions we navigate are not just destinations; they are communities rich in culture and history. AGY actively engages with local communities, supporting local businesses, and participating in community-driven initiatives. By doing so, we aim to leave a positive footprint and contribute to the regions’ socioeconomic growth.

Employee Wellbeing:

Our team is our most valuable asset. At AGY, we are dedicated to ensuring their wellbeing, growth, and development. This commitment extends beyond just providing a safe and inclusive work environment. We invest in continuous training, fostering a culture of respect and mutual growth.

Sustainable Partnerships:

Collaboration is key to driving change. AGY has forged partnerships with like-minded organisations and stakeholders that share our vision for a sustainable future. Together, we work on initiatives that champion conservation, responsible tourism, and sustainable yachting practices.

“In the vast tapestry of the maritime world, our responsibility is clear: to sail forward with purpose, integrity, and an unwavering commitment to making a positive difference. At AGY, we pledge to continue our journey with these ideals at our helm.”