Terms of Service – Yacht Charter

Departure Information

  • Departure times are subject to tide levels and will be confirmed for each booking.
  • Crew will inform you about weather and sea conditions before departure or at check-in. Passengers deciding to embark after such advisories will not be eligible for refunds.

Charter Operations

  • AGY declines any responsibility for charters partially operated due to late embarkation by guests without prior notification.

Guest Conduct

  • Guests are expected to behave respectfully towards the crew, yacht, other guests, and the marine environment. Illegal activities, disruptive behaviour, and non-compliance with crew instructions will not be tolerated.

Age Restrictions

  • Guests under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Alcohol consumption is limited to guests over 20, with ID required for verification.

Check-In and Disembarkation

  • Check-in begins at 9:30 AM onwards. Guests must disembark at appropriate time to comply with the 8-hour charter duration. Late disembarkation incurs per-hour additional charges.
  • A scanned passport copy is required before boarding for insurance purposes. Failure to provide this document indicates waiver of insurance coverage.

Charter Durations

  • Day charters last 8 hours.
  • Overnight charters last 24 hours, immersing guests in a full sea experience.
  • 2 days/1 night charters span 32 hours for extended exploration.

Weather and Safety

  • The captain has discretion over cruise speed and itinerary changes due to weather, safety, or other considerations. Safety briefings are mandatory for all guests.

Food and Beverages

  • Includes options for dietary restrictions upon prior notice. Guests may bring their own food and beverages, subject to potential corkage fees.

Medical Conditions

  • Guests must inform AGY of any medical conditions or disabilities that may affect their safety or others’. AGY aims to accommodate these conditions to ensure a safe experience.

Additional Policies

  • Boat insurance covers injuries up to 500,000 THB, with guests encouraged to seek immediate medical attention for injuries.
  • Loss or damage caused by guests’ negligence will be charged to the guest.
  • Alcohol and drug consumption is discouraged. Incidents under the influence may not be covered by insurance.
  • Water activities outside the boat are undertaken at guests’ own risk and are not covered by insurance.

Environmental Responsibility

  • Guests are urged to respect the marine environment, avoiding littering and disruptive behaviours to marine life.

Cancellation and Weather Policy

  • Detailed cancellation policy, including timelines and penalties for late cancellations, and weather-related rescheduling or cancellation policies.

Payment Portal – Stripe

  • Transactions are handled and processed under Stripe’s terms of use.
  • If a refund is to be granted, in full or otherwise, Stripe fees cannot be refunded. For the latest pricing and fees info, check out Stripe’s pricing page.


  • By booking a charter with AGY, guests acknowledge and accept these terms, ensuring a safe, enjoyable, and respectful cruising experience.