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Buy a Yacht with Asia Global Yachting – Premium Yacht Sales in South East Asia

Dreaming of sailing the pristine waters of South East Asia? With Asia Global Yachting, buy a yacht and set sail in Thailand, Indonesia, or Hong Kong with unparalleled luxury and value.

What is “Buy a Yacht”?

Buying a yacht refers to the process of acquiring a luxurious watercraft tailored for leisure, travel, or sport. At Asia Global Yachting, we make this dream accessible and lavish, ensuring each vessel meets the highest standards of maritime opulence.

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Our Fleet

Yacht for Sale

Azimut 66


Yacht for Sale



Yacht for Sale

Nala Phinisi


Yacht for Sale



Yacht for Sale

Samata Phinisi


Yacht for Sale

Azimut 58


Yacht for Sale

Formosa 51


Yacht for Sale

Bali Catspace 4C


Yacht for Sale

2022 Highfield Patrol


Yacht for Sale

Sehat Elona



Asia Global Yachting: Your Nautical Navigator

Why trust your yachting dreams to anyone else? With Asia Global Yachting, you’re not just buying a vessel; you’re investing in a legacy of maritime luxury. Our bespoke services, combined with our deep-rooted expertise in the industry, make us the ideal partner for your yachting ambitions.


Beyond the Horizon: Our Unique Yachting Approach

At Asia Global Yachting, we don’t just sell yachts. We craft experiences. From personalised yacht charters to comprehensive operational support, our approach ensures every client sails away with a story worth telling.


Setting Sail in South East Asia with AGY

When you think of buying a yacht in South East Asia, think Asia Global Yachting. As the leading yachting specialists in Thailand, Indonesia, and Hong Kong, we have anchored our reputation as the go-to company for discerning mariners.


Navigating Further Waters: Our Array of Services

Beyond yacht sales, Asia Global Yachting offers a plethora of maritime services. From bespoke charters to comprehensive operational support, we’re here to ensure your nautical journey is smooth from start to finish.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below commonly asked questions from our clients.

A: We operate predominantly in South East Asia, with a focus on Thailand, Indonesia, and Hong Kong.

A: We offer bespoke yacht charters and comprehensive operational support, ensuring a seamless yachting experience for our clientele.

A: Our unmatched blend of luxury, convenience, and exceptional value sets us apart in the yachting industry. We pride ourselves on personalising every experience and offering comprehensive post-sale support.