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NJ 630

The NJ 630 is the epitome of nautical sophistication. With a hull designed for effortless navigation and features like the convertible stern seat, it encapsulates the very essence of luxury and functionality.



"Elevate every sea journey with the NJ 630. Whether you're basking under the sun on its convertible sunbed or marveling at its exceptional design, the NJ 630 promises an unparalleled yachting experience."

Step Inside


Serene Spaces Within

The NJ 630’s interiors are crafted for comfort. The driver's seat is ergonomically designed, and with the optional addition of amenities like a refrigerator and stovetop, your every need is catered for onboard.

Exterior Elegance


Majestic Outside

From the fiberglass platforms on the tube to the stainless steel handles, the NJ 630's exterior is a visual treat. The side passage leading to the stern platforms adds a touch of convenience, making every journey a delight.


Discover the NJ 630

Introducing the NJ 630, where design meets functionality. Designed with a unique hull that ensures smooth navigation even with lower power, the NJ 630 is the embodiment of efficiency. Its spacious interiors, coupled with a 95-liter fuel tank, ensure long, uninterrupted journeys on the sea.

The NJ 630 is much more than just a boat. It is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship. From stern platforms to the convertible sunbed, every detail is thoughtfully curated. For those seeking added luxury, options such as a shower system, hydraulic steering, and stainless steel roll-bar await.

With a capacity to host 10 passengers, the NJ 630 is perfect for both close-knit gatherings and celebratory events. When you choose the NJ 630, backed by Asia Global Yachting’s unparalleled expertise, every voyage turns into a cherished memory.

Sailing the NJ 630: An Experience Redefined

Setting sail on the NJ 630 is an invitation to luxury. With impeccable design and unmatched features, this vessel stands out as the crown jewel of the seas. Experience yachting in its truest essence with the NJ 630.

Why Choose NJ 630?

Every feature, every specification of the NJ 630 speaks volumes about luxury and efficiency. Its self-draining deck, driver’s seat, and large stern locker equipped with gas springs make it the preferred choice for those who seek both luxury and functionality in their maritime adventures.

Signature Features:

  • Hull designed for comfortable navigation with low power.
  • 95 Liter fuel tank.
  • Stern platforms and stern seat convertible to sunbed.
  • Self-draining deck for added safety.
  • Large stern locker with gas springs.

Exclusive Amenities:

  • Fiberglass roll-bar with bimini.
  • Refrigerator and stovetop.
  • Ski mast.
  • Teak decoration.

Standard Equipment:

  • Bow compartment(s) and anchor compartment.
  • Fuel tank with CE rule installation.
  • Console with windshield and SS handles.
  • Manual air pump and bilge pump.
  • Stern seat convertible to sunbed.

In-depth Insights

The NJ 630, with a dry weight of 630 kg and tube diameter of 56/42 cm, stands as a beacon of stability and elegance. Housing a water tank of 65 liters and a fuel tank of 105 liters, the NJ 630 ensures you’re always prepared for the journey ahead. Its maximum power of 150 ensures smooth navigation even through challenging waters.

Asia Global Yachting: The Pinnacle of Maritime Expertise

Asia Global Yachting, a legacy in South East Asia, assures an unparalleled maritime journey with the NJ 630. Every detail, every feature resonates with AGY’s commitment to excellence. With the NJ 630, embark on journeys that are more than just voyages; they are tales of luxury and class.

Connect With Us

Curious about the NJ 630 or have queries about our offerings? At AGY, we’re always here to assist. Dive into the world of luxury yachting with us, and let your maritime dreams set sail.


  1. What is the seating capacity of the NJ 630?
    The NJ 630 can comfortably seat 10 passengers.
  2. How is the NJ 630 different from other boats?
    With its unique hull design optimised for low power and features like the convertible stern seat, the NJ 630 offers a blend of efficiency and luxury.
  3. What customisation options are available?
    There are numerous optional amenities including a shower system, hydraulic steering, and teak decoration to name a few.
  4. How large is the fuel tank?
    The fuel tank has a capacity of 105 liters.
  5. Who can I contact for more information?
    Reach out to Asia Global Yachting for detailed information and insights on the NJ 630.

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