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NJ 650 XL

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled luxury of the NJ 650 XL. Designed for the discerning sailor, its vast width and powerful deep-V hull promise maritime experiences that linger long after the voyage.



"The NJ 650 XL isn't just a vessel; it's a testament to exquisite craftsmanship and naval innovation. Every feature is curated to offer utmost luxury, ensuring that every moment at sea is truly unforgettable."

Step Inside


Beyond Luxury

Venture inside the NJ 650 XL and let opulence wash over you. The spacious living area promises relaxation, and the bow dinette, which effortlessly converts into a sunbed, offers dual utility. Top-notch amenities, including a refrigerator and sink and stovetop, ensure that every need is catered to.

Exterior Elegance


Modern Marvels

Gaze upon the NJ 650 XL and behold modern naval architecture at its finest. The "Face to Face" stern seats are a unique feature, while options like teak flooring and stern platforms amplify the boat's elegance. Whether opting for a fiberglass or stainless steel roll-bar, the NJ 650 XL exudes sophistication.


Introducing The NJ 650 XL

At the intersection of luxury and performance stands the NJ 650 XL. With its expansive width, it offers ample living space, ensuring comfort on every voyage. The boat’s hi-power deep-V hull, crafted meticulously, promises superior marine behaviour, allowing sailors to navigate the waters with confidence and grace.

The NJ 650 XL is a symphony of features, from its sizable stern locker to the extra-large console and leaning post. The bow dinette transforms smoothly into a sunbed, providing both leisure and utility. With its myriad of features, including the self-draining deck and electric windlass, the NJ 650 XL is the epitome of maritime excellence.

Able to host 12 passengers, this boat is perfect for hosting or simply enjoying the calm of the open waters. Backed by Asia Global Yachting’s expertise, every journey on the NJ 650 XL becomes a story worth telling.

The Legacy of Maritime Splendor

The NJ 650 XL is more than a boat; it’s a legacy of nautical brilliance. Designed for those who crave the finer things at sea, this boat melds functionality with sheer luxury. Every sail is an indulgence, every moment onboard a celebration.

Your Dream Sail Beckons

Why be ordinary when the NJ 650 XL offers the extraordinary? Every specification, every feature is curated for those who understand luxury. Step aboard and redefine your yachting experiences.

Signature Features:

  • Expansive living space.
  • Deep-V hull design for superior marine performance.
  • “Face to Face” stern seats for enhanced interaction.
  • Hydraulic steering for precision navigation.
  • Self-draining deck for added safety.
  • Electric windlass for effortless anchoring.

Amenities Onboard:

  • Bow dinette with table.
  • Refrigerator for keeping refreshments chilled.
  • Modern sink and stovetop.
  • Ski mast for water sports enthusiasts.
  • Stunning teak decoration.

Onboard Facilities:

  • Spacious bow compartments.
  • Console with front seating.
  • Windshield with stainless steel handles and steering wheel.
  • Fuel tank installation compliant with CE rules.
  • Advanced hydraulic steering system.

Delving Deeper into NJ 650 XL

With a dry weight of 750 kg and a tube diameter of 60/42 cm, the NJ 650 XL balances sturdiness with agility. It comes equipped with a water tank capacity of 65 liters and a fuel tank that can accommodate 150 liters. The maximum power stands at 150, ensuring smooth and powerful navigation across varied water conditions.

Asia Global Yachting: Navigating Dreams in South East Asia

Choosing the NJ 650 XL is not just about owning a boat. It’s about being a part of the Asia Global Yachting legacy in South East Asia. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every voyage onboard the NJ 650 XL is nothing short of magical.

We’re Here For You

At AGY, we’re always ready to assist. Whether it’s queries about the NJ 650 XL or any of our premium offerings, our team is just a call away. Your maritime dreams are within reach.


  1. What is the seating capacity of the NJ 650 XL?
    The NJ 650 XL can accommodate up to 12 passengers.
  2. What materials are used for the roll-bar?
    Options are available in both fiberglass and stainless steel for the roll-bar.
  3. Can I customise my NJ 650 XL?
    Indeed, there are multiple optional features like teak decoration, stern sunbed extension, and more to tailor the NJ 650 XL to your preferences.
  4. How large is the water tank?
    The onboard water tank has a capacity of 65 liters.
  5. How can I learn more about the NJ 650 XL?
    Contact Asia Global Yachting for detailed information and personalised assistance.

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