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NJ 700 Big Se@fish

Introducing the NJ 700 XL Se@fish, a masterpiece that intertwines luxury with functionality. This yacht’s detailed design and state-of-the-art features make every voyage a dream come true.


Sea's Serenade

"The NJ 700 XL Se@fish is more than just a vessel; it’s a tribute to the timeless beauty of the seas. Crafted meticulously, every feature stands testament to AGY's commitment to luxury."

Step Inside


Nautical Nirvana

The interiors are crafted to perfection, from the bow dinette that transforms into a sunlit solarium to the storage hatch complete with 3 drawers and a seat. With options like a refrigerator and sink, experience comforts that rival any luxury abode.

Exterior Elegance


Sailing Sculpture

The yacht's exterior is both captivating and functional. The micro-perforated soft T-Top and retractable stern seat merge elegance with utility. The livewell options and insulated lockers speak volumes about its practicality, making every fishing trip a success.


Embarking on the NJ 700 XL Se@fish Journey

The NJ 700 XL Se@fish, with its impeccable design, promises to transport you to a world where luxury meets the waves. A spacious width, a powerful hull, and meticulously designed features make every journey a celebration.

From the T-Top, which offers shade without compromising on the view, to the livewell that promises a fresh catch every time, this yacht is for those who don’t compromise on their maritime experiences. The optional teak decoration and ski mast add a touch of personalised luxury, making every sail uniquely yours.

With a seating capacity for 14 passengers, the NJ 700 XL Se@fish ensures that every journey is as comfortable as it is memorable. Backed by AGY’s expertise, this yacht is an ode to maritime excellence.

Sail Beyond The Horizon

The NJ 700 XL Se@fish isn’t merely a boat; it’s a symphony of luxury, design, and performance. It’s a vessel that stands as a testament to what yachts should aspire to be.

Dive into Luxury

Experience the finest in yachting with the NJ 700 XL Se@fish. Every amenity, every feature, and every detail is meticulously crafted to ensure unparalleled luxury at sea.

Signature Features:

  • Micro-perforated soft T-Top for comfort and style.
  • Retractable stern seat for enhanced space management.
  • Livewell and trolling version livewell for fishing enthusiasts.
  • Console with windscreen, handrail, and steering wheel.
  • Insulated lockers ensuring the freshness of the catch.
  • Bow dinette convertible into a sunlit solarium.

Additional Amenities:

  • Refrigerator for fresh storage.
  • Sink and stovetop for onboard culinary experiences.
  • Ski mast for water sports aficionados.
  • Teak decoration for a touch of vintage elegance.

Technical Specifications

Boasting a dry weight of 1100 kg and a tube diameter of 60/42 cm, the NJ 700 XL Se@fish is a blend of stability and agility. The yacht comes equipped with a water tank of 60 liters and a fuel tank with a capacity of 300 liters, ensuring long uninterrupted voyages.

AGY: Navigating Dreams in South East Asia

Asia Global Yachting continues its legacy in South East Asia with offerings like the NJ 700 XL Se@fish. When you opt for this yacht, you’re choosing unmatched luxury and expertise. AGY is more than a name; it’s a commitment to unparalleled maritime experiences.

For More Information

If the NJ 700 XL Se@fish piques your interest or if you have any questions, the AGY team is always here to guide you. Dive into the world of luxury yachting with Asia Global Yachting today!


  1. How many passengers can the NJ 700 XL Se@fish accommodate?
    It can comfortably seat 14 passengers.
  2. What options are available for shade on the yacht?
    It comes with a micro-perforated soft T-Top, and there are optional Bimini tops available.
  3. Is there any provision for fishing on the yacht?
    Yes, it has a livewell and trolling version livewell, along with insulated lockers for the catch.
  4. What is the water tank capacity?
    The yacht houses a water tank with a 60-liter capacity.
  5. How can I know more or book the NJ 700 XL Se@fish?
    Contact Asia Global Yachting for bookings, queries, and more details.




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3.24 M