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NJ 700 XL

Introducing the NJ 700 XL: a confluence of design, comfort, and maritime excellence. Its expansive width, combined with a powerful deep-V hull, delivers unmatched marine performance.



"The NJ 700 XL stands as a testament to nautical craftsmanship. Every design choice, from its "Face to Face" stern seats to its hydraulic steering, embodies luxury and finesse."

Step Inside


Opulence on Open Waters

Inside the NJ 700 XL, every journey becomes an indulgence. From a bow dinette that can be transformed into a sunbed to an extra-large console, the boat promises both space and luxury. Not to forget the modern amenities like the sink, stovetop, and refrigerator that elevate your marine experiences.

Exterior Elegance


Turn Heads on Waves

The boat's external design and features exude elegance. Its large stern locker ensures that utility meets style, while the optional teak floor adds a dash of vintage charm. Whether it's the fiberglass roll-bar or the stainless steel counterpart, the NJ 700 XL promises to be a visual delight on the waters.


Discover the NJ 700 XL

The NJ 700 XL, a marvel in marine engineering, promises unparalleled yachting experiences. Its wide dimensions, combined with its deep-V hull design, assure both space and stability, transforming every journey into a tale of luxury.

Every element of the NJ 700 XL, from its extra-large console to the electric windlass, exemplifies attention to detail. The boat offers not just space but also luxury with its optional additions such as the stern sunbed extension, ski mast, and stern platforms, ensuring a bespoke experience for every sailor.

With a seating capacity of 14 passengers, the NJ 700 XL is versatile, making it perfect for both intimate getaways and grand marine soirees. Trust in the expertise of Asia Global Yachting to turn every sail into a memory to cherish.

Sailing with Elegance

The NJ 700 XL is not just a vessel; it’s a statement of opulence. Its features, from the self-draining deck to the “Face to Face” stern seats, reflect a heritage of maritime luxury. A seamless blend of aesthetics and utility, this boat promises journeys that are both stylish and smooth.

Embark on Unforgettable Voyages

Why aspire for the ordinary when the NJ 700 XL beckons? Tailored for the discerning mariner, every feature, every specification is crafted for luxury. Step aboard, and redefine your yachting experiences.

Unique Features:

  • Spacious width ensuring lavish living space.
  • Powerful deep-V hull design for optimum marine behavior.
  • “Face to Face” luxurious stern seats.
  • Hydraulic steering for precise navigation.
  • Convertible bow dinette to sunbed.
  • Electric windlass for enhanced convenience.

Standard Amenities:

  • Console with front seat and windshield.
  • High-density cushions for comfort.
  • Fuel tank with CE rule installation.
  • Hydraulic steering system.
  • Self-draining deck with safety valves.

Additional Specifications

With a dry weight of 1100 kg and a tube diameter of 60/42 cm, the NJ 700 XL stands as a balance of robustness and agility. Its water tank capacity is 65 liters, and it houses a fuel tank that can accommodate up to 300 liters. A maximum power of 250 ensures brisk and breezy voyages even on demanding waters.

Asia Global Yachting: Your Trusted Marine Partner

Asia Global Yachting is more than a brand; it’s a promise of unparalleled nautical experiences in South East Asia. When you choose the NJ 700 XL, you embrace AGY’s legacy of maritime excellence. Our expertise ensures that every voyage is not just a journey, but a memory etched in time.

Got Questions?

The team at AGY is always eager to assist. For inquiries about the NJ 700 XL or any other offerings, reach out to us. Your dream yacht journey is just a conversation away.


  1. What is the seating capacity of the NJ 700 XL?
    The NJ 700 XL can comfortably seat up to 14 passengers.
  2. Which materials are used for the boat’s roll-bar?
    Options for both fiberglass and stainless steel are available.
  3. Is customisation available for the NJ 700 XL?
    Yes, a range of optional amenities such as teak decoration, ski mast, and more can be added based on preference.
  4. What is the capacity of the water tank?
    The water tank can hold up to 65 liters.
  5. How can I learn more or book a viewing?
    Contact Asia Global Yachting for more information or to schedule a viewing.

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