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NJ 850 XL

A masterpiece of naval design that fuses unparalleled luxury with nautical prowess. Its expansive width, powerful deep-V hull, and opulent features guarantee an unrivalled marine experience.



"The NJ 850 XL stands as a testament to grandeur and grace on the waves. Every curve, every amenity, every moment aboard is a tribute to high-end yachting."

Step Inside


Lavish Living on Water

Embrace luxury with the NJ 850 XL’s spacious interiors. The bow dinette metamorphoses into a sunbed, allowing passengers to bask in comfort. Revel in the sheer extravagance of features like the extra-large console, leaning post, and the unique "Face to Face" stern seats.

Exterior Elegance


Craftsmanship Beyond Compare

From its self-draining deck to the options of a teak floor, ski mast, and stern platforms, the NJ 850 XL’s exterior is an ode to maritime excellence. Each detail showcases impeccable craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to luxury.


Discover The NJ 850 XL

A magnate in the realm of luxury yachting, the NJ 850 XL is more than just a boat; it’s an experience. With its vast width offering lavish living spaces and the dynamic deep-V hull promising superior marine behaviour, this yacht is the very definition of opulence.

Envision a journey where the stern transforms into a cozy dinette, or a sunbed where you can lie back and gaze at the azure expanse above. The NJ 850 XL brings this vision to life. Its myriad features, ranging from the hydraulic steering to the electric windlass, showcase a blend of convenience and luxury.

Capable of accommodating 16 passengers, this vessel is an epitome of grandeur and elegance. Asia Global Yachting’s expertise further elevates the NJ 850 XL, ensuring each voyage remains etched in memory.

Sailing Redefined

The NJ 850 XL isn’t just another yacht; it’s a celebration of maritime magnificence. Every specification, every feature is curated for connoisseurs of luxury, delivering an unparalleled yachting experience.

NJ 850 XL: Where Dreams Meet Reality

Why merely dream of luxury when the NJ 850 XL can make it a reality? Come aboard and let each wave tell a tale of elegance and opulence.

Highlighted Features:

  • Spacious with a large width for unparalleled comfort.
  • Dynamic deep-V hull ensuring excellent marine behaviour.
  • Bow dinette convertible to a sunbed for relaxation.
  • Hydraulic steering for superior navigation.
  • Electric windlass for ease of anchoring.
  • “Face to Face” stern seats for an intimate marine experience.

Standard Equipment:

  • Anchor compartment and bow compartment.
  • HI POWER hull for powerful sailing.
  • Self-draining deck with safety valves.
  • Console with windshield, SS handles, and steering wheel.
  • Freshwater system with shower.
  • High-density cushions for unmatched comfort.

Technical Specifications

With a dry weight of 1400 kg and a tube diameter of 61/42 cm, the NJ 850 XL effortlessly balances stability and agility. It boasts a water tank with a 60-liter capacity and a substantial fuel tank that can hold up to 350 liters. With a maximum power of 450, the NJ 850 XL is equipped to provide a seamless and powerful yachting experience.

Asia Global Yachting: Crafting Nautical Dreams

Asia Global Yachting stands as the beacon of luxury in South East Asia. With yachts like the NJ 850 XL under its banner, AGY guarantees a yachting experience that’s second to none.

Let’s Set Sail Together

At AGY, we believe in turning dreams into reality. Should you have queries about the NJ 850 XL or any of our offerings, reach out to us. Your voyage towards unparalleled luxury begins with a simple conversation.


  1. How many passengers can the NJ 850 XL accommodate?
    The NJ 850 XL can comfortably seat 16 passengers.
  2. Is there an option for a teak floor on the NJ 850 XL?
    Yes, teak flooring is one of the optional features available for the NJ 850 XL.
  3. What are the unique features of the NJ 850 XL?
    Some standout features include the “Face to Face” stern seats, bow dinette convertible to sunbed, and hydraulic steering.
  4. How large is the fuel tank on the NJ 850 XL?
    The fuel tank of the NJ 850 XL has a capacity of 350 liters.
  5. Who can I contact for more information on the NJ 850 XL?
    Asia Global Yachting is always available to address your queries and provide detailed information on the NJ 850 XL.

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