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Prince 28 Sport Cabin

Introducing the Prince 28 Sport Cabin – a seamless blend of power, luxury, and nautical brilliance. With its commanding deep-V hull, the yacht offers an unparalleled marine experience, while the spacious lockers, stern platforms, and state-of-the-art amenities ensure an opulent voyage every time.



"The Prince 28 Sport Cabin is a statement of elegance on the vast oceans. Every element, from its powerful engines to its exquisite interiors, is a testament to its supremacy in the world of yachting."

Step Inside


Comfort Meets Class

The yacht boasts a bow cabin equipped with a berth designed to accommodate two people comfortably, along with a marine WC. The interiors also feature options like a refrigerator, sink, and stovetop, ensuring every journey is cocooned in luxury.

Exterior Elegance


A Vision in Water

The exterior of the Prince 28 Sport Cabin resonates with sophistication. The side passages effortlessly lead to majestic stern platforms, while the optional teak decoration exudes timeless charm. Whether you opt for the fiberglass or the stainless steel roll-bar, the yacht promises to be a head-turner in every harbor.


Rediscover Yachting with Prince 28 Sport Cabin

Witness a revolution in yachting with the Prince 28 Sport Cabin. With its impressive width and powerful deep-V hull calibrated at a 25° angle, it offers a sailing experience par excellence. Whether you’re setting out on a tranquil voyage or embarking on an adventurous journey, this yacht promises to be your perfect partner.

The Prince 28 Sport Cabin is designed for versatility, accommodating either a single or twin-engine setup. Moreover, the trailering feature when deflated ensures easy mobility and convenience for enthusiasts always on the move.

With the ability to comfortably seat 10 passengers, this yacht is ideal for both intimate soirées and grand celebrations. As always, Asia Global Yachting’s touch ensures that your maritime adventures are nothing short of legendary.

Features That Fascinate

The Prince 28 Sport Cabin seamlessly fuses functionality with luxury. The spacious bow cabin, furnished with a marine WC, promises comfort even on long voyages. The array of standard equipment like the bow compartments, hydraulic steering system, high-density cushions, and more elevates the yachting experience to new heights.

Your Sea Sanctuary

Why sail ordinary when you can helm the extraordinary? The Prince 28 Sport Cabin, with its myriad features and impeccable design, beckons those with a penchant for unparalleled luxury. Step aboard and set sail on a journey beyond horizons.

Highlight Features:

  • Powerful deep-V hull with a 25° angle.
  • Side passage leading to stern platforms.
  • Single or twin-engine setup flexibility.
  • Electric windlass and shower system.
  • Trailerable design when deflated.
  • Optional amenities like teak floor, roll-bar choices, and more.

Standard Amenities:

  • Bow cabin with marine WC.
  • High-density cushions for utmost comfort.
  • Freshwater system with shower.
  • Hydraulic steering system for precise navigation.
  • Stainless steel stern cleats and mooring rings.
  • Self-draining deck with safety valves.

Specifications At A Glance

Boasting a dry weight of 2000 kg and a tube diameter of 60/40 cm, the Prince 28 Sport Cabin is a true marvel of engineering. With a water tank capacity of 65 liters and a fuel tank designed to hold up to 400 liters, the yacht is geared for prolonged journeys. A commanding maximum power of 500 ensures the yacht cuts through the waters with grace and might.

AGY: Crafting Waves of Memories in South East Asia

Asia Global Yachting stands as the gold standard in South East Asia’s yachting landscape. With the Prince 28 Sport Cabin, AGY continues its tradition of delivering maritime excellence. Every feature, every specification, is a testament to our commitment to luxury and quality.

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  1. What is the seating capacity of the Prince 28 Sport Cabin?
    The yacht can comfortably host 10 passengers.
  2. What are the customisation options available?
    Multiple options including teak decoration, different roll-bars, sink & stovetop, and more are available for customisation.
  3. What’s the size of the fuel tank?
    The fuel tank has a robust capacity of 400 liters.
  4. Can I set up twin engines on this yacht?
    Yes, the Prince 28 Sport Cabin can accommodate either a single or twin-engine setup.
  5. For additional details, whom should I approach?
    Reach out to Asia Global Yachting for comprehensive information and guidance.

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