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Prince 30 Open

Experience maritime luxury like never before with the Prince 30. Offering a blend of top-notch features, ergonomic design, and powerful performance, this boat stands as the hallmark of marine sophistication.



"Setting sail on the Prince 30 is an invitation to indulge in unparalleled maritime elegance. Every curve, every feature, and every amenity has been meticulously crafted to offer an opulent boating experience."

Step Inside


Interior Grandeur

While the Prince 30 doesn't feature an enclosed cabin, its interior amenities more than make up for it. Revel in the expansive bow dinette that seamlessly transforms into a sunbed. The center console is equipped with a marine WC, ensuring you don't have to compromise on comfort during your marine adventures.

Exterior Elegance


Exquisite Exteriors

Prince 30 boasts an impressive hi-power deep-V hull, ensuring exceptional marine behavior. The stern platforms and side passage towards the stern enhance accessibility and aesthetics. Hydraulic steering provides an effortless piloting experience, while the ample lockers, equipped with gas springs, cater to all your storage needs.


Marine Mastery: The Prince 30 Experience

Setting the standard for marine luxury, the Prince 30 emerges as a marvel in boat design. With its hi-power deep-V hull, it promises an unparalleled sailing experience. The boat’s generous storage options, including a large stern locker and expansive lockers with gas springs, mean you never have to compromise on space. The center console, featuring a marine WC, speaks volumes of its dedication to comfort.

The boat offers multiple dining settings, from a bow dinette convertible to a sunbed to a stern seat that can be transformed into a sunbathing oasis. With options for single or twin engines, power and performance are guaranteed. And for those who seek the pinnacle of luxury, the Prince 30 offers a myriad of optional amenities, from a refrigerator to a teak floor, ensuring a bespoke boating experience.

Whether you’re cruising the azure waters of Southeast Asia or anchoring in a secluded bay, the Prince 30 promises an unforgettable maritime experience, making every moment onboard nothing short of extraordinary.

Powerboat Perfection

The Prince 30 falls under the category of powerboats, designed for speed, performance, and luxury. Characterised by their powerful engines, deep-V hulls, and state-of-the-art amenities, powerboats like Prince 30 offer a unique blend of performance and comfort. Unlike sailboats that rely on wind, powerboats give you the freedom to explore waters at your own pace, ensuring every journey is truly yours.

Your Dream Boat Awaits

If you’ve been on the hunt for a boat that epitomises luxury, performance, and functionality, your search ends with Prince 30. Tailored to those who refuse to compromise, this boat offers everything you’ve dreamt of and more.

Features that Set Prince 30 Apart

  • Large stern locker or dinette convertible to sunbed
  • Hi-power deep-V hull (25°) for exceptional marine behavior
  • Hydraulic steering for effortless piloting
  • Bow dinette convertible to sunbed
  • Center console with marine WC
  • Electric windlass and shower system

Prince 30 Amenities

  • Refrigerator (optional)
  • Teak floor (optional)
  • Sink and stovetop (optional)
  • Fresh water system with shower
  • Electric windlass

Facilities onboard the Prince 30

  • Bow dinette convertible to sunbed
  • Marine WC
  • Stern platforms
  • Electric air pump
  • Fiberglass Stern bridges

Additional Specifications

All provided specifications are for informational purposes and are subject to change based on new standards or legislation.

The Prince 30: A Masterpiece by AGY

Asia Global Yachting, setting the benchmark in South East Asia for maritime luxury, proudly presents the Prince 30. Specialising in premium yachts, AGY ensures that each boat, including the Prince 30, stands as a testament to unmatched craftsmanship and luxury.

Questions? We’re Here to Help!

If you have any questions or need further details about the Prince 30 or any other offerings, don’t hesitate to reach out. At AGY, we’re always here to assist you.


  1. What type of engine does the Prince 30 support?
    The Prince 30 can be equipped with single or twin engines.
  2. Does the Prince 30 have an onboard toilet?
    Yes, the Prince 30 features a center console with a marine WC.
  3. Is there an option for a refrigerator onboard?
    Yes, a refrigerator is one of the optional amenities offered for the Prince 30.
  4. How many passengers can the Prince 30 accommodate?
    The Prince 30 is designed to comfortably accommodate up to 12 passengers.
  5. Are there any sunbathing options onboard?
    Yes, the Prince 30 offers both a bow dinette convertible to a sunbed and a stern seat that can transform into a sunbathing area.

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