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Prince 33 CC Open

Discover the Prince 33 CC, an embodiment of nautical excellence, harmoniously blending high-end features with unparalleled performance.



"Delve into the Prince 33 CC's deep-V hull, ensuring superior marine behavior and facilitating a voyage that promises stability and luxury. With its unrivaled habitability and robust features, this boat is the crown jewel of the seas."

Step Inside


Opulent Interiors

Step inside the Prince 33 CC and find yourself enveloped in luxury. The dinette is transformable into a plush sunbed, and the cabin room boasts a berth designed for two, complemented by a separate toilet equipped with a marine WC.

Exterior Elegance


Elegant Exteriors

The Prince 33 CC's exterior promises functionality with style. Its extensive stern platform and spacious lockers with gas springs are not just convenient but also seamlessly incorporated into its sleek design.


Elegance at Sea

The Prince 33 CC is not just a boat; it’s a statement of luxury and capability. With a deep-V hull designed for superior marine behavior and an impressive stern platform, every journey promises exceptional stability and grandeur. Each of its compartments, whether the dinette that effortlessly converts into a sunbed or the meticulously designed cabin room, speaks volumes about its commitment to luxury and utility.

The Prince 33 CC doesn’t compromise on space or style. Its large-sized lockers come with advanced gas springs, ensuring easy access and storage. And the comfort doesn’t stop at the interiors. The exterior of this magnificent boat promises the same level of opulence and functionality. From its sturdy design to the intricate details, every facet of the Prince 33 CC is crafted with precision and passion.

Moreover, with Asia Global Yachting’s promise of premium yacht sales and unmatched operational support, owning the Prince 33 CC isn’t just about having a boat; it’s about experiencing maritime luxury like never before.

Nautical Connoisseur’s Choice

The Prince 33 CC is a unique blend of performance and luxury, characteristic of its elite boat class. What sets this vessel apart from other types is its deep-V hull, designed for optimal marine behavior. This design ensures stability even in rough waters, making it both a safe and stylish choice for maritime enthusiasts. Its beautiful exteriors, paired with lavish interiors, make it a top pick for those who seek the best in nautical experiences.

Your Dream Vessel Awaits

Why settle for ordinary when you can sail in the Prince 33 CC? Asia Global Yachting brings to South East Asia a boat that promises both performance and luxury. If you’ve been on the lookout for a boat that reflects your penchant for excellence and elegance, your search ends with Prince 33 CC.

Key Features of Prince 33 CC:

  • High-power deep-V hull (25°)
  • Large stern platform
  • Convertible dinette with electric table
  • Cabin room with berth for two
  • Marine WC
  • Large size lockers with gas springs

Luxury Amenities onboard:

  • Bimini for Roll-bar mounting
  • Refrigerator
  • Sink and stovetop
  • Ski mast
  • Teak decoration

Facilities and Accommodations:

  • Cabin room for two
  • Separate toilet with marine WC

Additional Specifications:

All the specifications provided, including dry weight, length, width, and more, are for informational purposes only and are subject to change based on new standards and/or legislation.

AGY: The Pioneer in South East Asia

When it comes to boats of the caliber of Prince 33 CC, Asia Global Yachting leads the way in South East Asia. Specialising in premium yacht sales, AGY brings maritime luxury to discerning clients who only want the best.

Questions? We’re Here to Assist!

If you have any questions or need further information about the Prince 33 CC, feel free to reach out. Our team at AGY is always ready to assist you in making your maritime dreams come true.


  1. What is the maximum capacity of Prince 33 CC?
    The boat can comfortably accommodate 10-12 passengers.
  2. What is the fuel tank capacity?
    The Prince 33 CC has a fuel tank with a capacity of 475 liters.
  3. Does the Prince 33 CC come with any warranty?
    All specifications and details are provided for informational purposes. Any changes or warranty terms would be communicated directly by AGY.
  4. Is there storage space onboard?
    Yes, the boat features large-sized lockers equipped with gas springs for easy access and storage.
  5. Can I customise the Prince 33 CC’s features?
    Yes, AGY offers a range of optional features and equipment that you can choose from to customise the boat as per your preferences.

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