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Prince 33 Sport Cabin

Introducing the Prince 33 Sport Cabin – where marine innovation meets luxury. With a powerful deep-V hull ensuring exceptional marine behavior and a spacious stern platform, it’s where every voyage becomes a memory.



"The Prince 33 Sport Cabin stands as a beacon of lavish sea travel. From its inviting dinette at the bow convertible into a sunbed to the cozy cabin room complete with a berth for two, every detail speaks of splendor."

Step Inside


Comfort Meets Class

Inside the Prince 33 Sport Cabin, luxury awaits. The cabin room, accommodating two, couples perfectly with a separated toilet equipped with a marine WC. Modern conveniences such as a refrigerator, electric windlass, and a shower system amplify the onboard experience.

Exterior Elegance


Beyond Beauty

The exterior of the Prince 33 Sport Cabin exudes nautical charm. The expansive stern platform, large lockers with gas springs, and the option of a bow thruster with joystick make it a maritime marvel. Choose between a fiberglass or stainless steel roll-bar and indulge in the luxury of a teak floor, sink, and stovetop.


Prince 33 Sport Cabin: Nautical Royalty

Embark on a journey of unparalleled luxury with the Prince 33 Sport Cabin. Engineered with a hi-power deep-V hull, it promises an unmatched marine behavior, ensuring each voyage is smooth and memorable.

The boat, spanning a length of 10.40 meters, offers grandeur in every corner. From its large stern platform to its convertible dinette at the bow, the Prince 33 Sport Cabin is a testament to opulent sea travel. And with a cabin room equipped with a berth for two and a separate marine WC, comfort is guaranteed.

Asia Global Yachting, the stalwarts in maritime luxury, brings you this masterpiece. With a focus on intricate detailing and modern amenities like a refrigerator, electric windlass, and shower system, the Prince 33 Sport Cabin stands in a league of its own.

Unrivaled Features

Every aspect of the Prince 33 Sport Cabin, from its dry weight of 3000 kg to its tube diameter of 60/44 cm, speaks of stability and grandeur. It houses a water tank of 90 liters and a substantial fuel tank capacity of 475 liters. Its power prowess reaches an impressive 700, promising seamless navigation.

Customise Your Voyage

With Asia Global Yachting, customisation takes center stage. Opt for the bow thruster with joystick, choose between the fiberglass or stainless steel roll-bar, or enhance the elegance with a teak floor. The choices are endless, ensuring your Prince 33 Sport Cabin mirrors your tastes.

Key Amenities:

  • Convertible dinette at the bow.
  • Refrigerator and electric windlass.
  • Shower system.
  • Bow thruster with joystick (optional).
  • Teak floor, sink, and stovetop (optional).

Exemplary Features:

  • Hi-power deep-V hull.
  • Large stern platform.
  • Large lockers with gas springs.
  • Cabin room with berth for two.
  • Separate marine WC.

AGY: Perfecting the Maritime Experience in South East Asia

Asia Global Yachting is a name synonymous with nautical luxury. With the Prince 33 Sport Cabin, experience the zenith of yachting excellence. AGY’s expertise ensures that every sail, every moment onboard is etched in memory.

Ready to Dive into Opulence?

With the Prince 33 Sport Cabin, the seas await. Dive into the lap of luxury and let Asia Global Yachting steer you to unforgettable horizons.


  1. What’s the seating capacity of the Prince 33 Sport Cabin?
    The Prince 33 Sport Cabin can comfortably host 12 passengers.
  2. Does the boat come with a cabin?
    Yes, the Prince 33 Sport Cabin comes with a cabin room with a berth for two and a separate marine WC.
  3. Are there customisation options available?
    Indeed, there are numerous optional features like the bow thruster with joystick, teak floor, sink, stovetop, and more to personalise your Prince 33 Sport Cabin.
  4. What’s the size of the water tank?
    The water tank can hold up to 90 liters.
  5. How can I get more information about this yacht?
    Please contact Asia Global Yachting for any additional details or inquiries regarding the Prince 33 Sport Cabin.

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