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Prince 38 CC Open

Welcome to the world of the Prince 38 CC, a remarkable creation by Asia Global Yachting (AGY). With a high-power deep-V hull, spacious interior, and a host of amenities, this yacht offers the perfect blend of performance and comfort.



"Embark on an unmatched maritime adventure with AGY's Prince 38 CC. This boat exemplifies luxury, combined with raw power and functional design, ensuring every voyage is an experience of pure excellence."

Step Inside


Interior Opulence

Step inside Prince 38 CC and be enchanted by the sophisticated interiors. The center console boasts a comfortable berth for two, offering a private and cozy retreat. Added to this, the marine WC ensures convenience is never compromised.

Exterior Elegance


Exquisite Exteriors

The Prince 38 CC doesn't just shine on the inside; its exterior is equally mesmerising. The dinette, with its electric table, can be transformed into a sunbed, providing an ideal spot to bask in the sun. Moreover, the spacious bow dinette, which can also be converted into a sunbed, ensures relaxation at its best.


The Epitome of Nautical Mastery

Introducing the Prince 38 CC, a masterstroke of maritime engineering, designed for the aficionados of luxury. With its hi-power deep-V hull, this yacht promises an impeccable marine performance. The dinette, easily convertible to a sunbed, is positioned above a vast stern locker with electric opening. Furthermore, its stern platform and hydraulic steering redefine convenience, making every trip a delight.

The unique design ensures that every journey aboard the Prince 38 CC is a blend of comfort and class. From its teak flooring to the electric windlass, every feature is meticulously chosen to cater to the elite. The Prince 38 CC is not just a yacht; it’s a statement.

For those who refuse to compromise on luxury, this yacht promises a host of amenities. Whether it’s the refrigerator ensuring your beverages are always chilled or the sink and stovetop for those gourmet meals in the middle of the ocean, Prince 38 CC has got you covered.

The Splendour of the Prince Series

The Prince series, to which the 38 CC belongs, is renowned for its exceptional design and unparalleled performance. Characterised by their deep-V hulls, these boats are designed for those who crave speed without compromising on comfort. Their signature features, such as the sunbeds, stern platforms, and exquisite interiors, make them stand apart from their peers, making a voyage on them a truly regal experience.

Why Prince 38 CC is the Crown Jewel of the Seas

When you choose Prince 38 CC, you’re not just selecting a yacht; you’re embracing a lifestyle. Its unmatched features, coupled with AGY’s promise of quality, make it the boat you’ve always dreamt of.

Unique Features:

  • Hi-power deep-V hull (25°)
  • Dinette with electric table convertible to sunbed
  • Dinette at bow convertible to sunbed
  • Stern platform
  • Hydraulic steering
  • Center console with berth
  • Electric windlass
  • Teak floor


  • Refrigerator
  • Sink and stovetop
  • Marine WC
  • Electric air pump

Facilities and Rooms:

  • Cabin for two
  • Marine WC

Additional Information

All the specifications provided are subject to change without notice in accordance with new standards and/or legislation.

Asia Global Yachting: The Prince of South East Asia

When it comes to luxury yachts in South East Asia, Asia Global Yachting stands unbeaten. Specialising in the Prince series, AGY guarantees an unmatched sailing experience, making it the top choice for maritime enthusiasts.

How Can We Further Assist You?

We at AGY are always eager to address your queries. Whether it’s about the Prince 38 CC or any other yacht-related question, don’t hesitate to reach out. Your dream voyage is just a question away!


  1. What is the maximum capacity of the Prince 38 CC?
    The Prince 38 CC can comfortably accommodate up to 18 passengers.
  2. What is the power capacity of the boat?
    The yacht boasts a maximum power of 900.
  3. Are there any optional equipment available?
    Yes, we offer a range of options including a bimini for Roll-bar mounting, sink and stovetop, and teak decoration, among others.
  4. How do I maintain the boat?
    The boat is designed with premium materials for durability. However, regular checks and maintenance are recommended for optimal performance.
  5. Can I customise my Prince 38 CC?
    Yes, we offer customisation options to cater to your unique preferences.

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