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Prince 38 Sport Cabin

Discover the epitome of marine grandeur with the Prince 38 Sport Cabin. Tailored for those who seek both luxury and functionality, it is a marvel of design, space, and marine engineering.



"The Prince 38 Sport Cabin isn't just a boat; it's a testament to superior maritime design and luxury. Every journey onboard is a blend of elegance, comfort, and unforgettable moments."

Step Inside


A Symphony of Space and Comfort

Step inside the Prince 38 Sport Cabin to discover a world where luxury meets functionality. With its dinette, cabin room with a berth for two, and a separated toilet with a marine WC, your comfort is assured. Whether you're preparing a meal on the stovetop or simply unwinding, this boat ensures that every moment is pleasurable.

Exterior Elegance


A Vision to Behold

The Prince 38 Sport Cabin boasts a large stern platform, perfect for relaxation and leisure. The optional teak decoration enhances its external beauty, making it not just a boat, but a vision of nautical elegance.


The Prince 38 Sport Cabin: A Nautical Dream

Every inch of the Prince 38 Sport Cabin exudes sophistication. Designed with a hi-power deep-V hull, it promises excellent marine behavior, ensuring smooth voyages even in demanding seas. Its large stern platform, whether chosen for outboard or as a bathing platform for sterndrive, stands as a testament to its commitment to luxury.

Storage won’t be an issue aboard this boat, with its large-size lockers equipped with gas springs. But it’s not just about storage; it’s about luxury. With amenities like a refrigerator, electric windlass, teak floor, shower system, and a stovetop, every voyage becomes a lavish experience.

With a seating capacity for 16 passengers, this boat is perfect for hosting or spending quality moments with loved ones. The versatility of the Prince 38 Sport Cabin, available for outboard or sterndrive engines, either in Diesel or Gasoline, further underscores its brilliance.

Embrace Superior Maritime Engineering

The design, features, and functionality of the Prince 38 Sport Cabin are a testament to impeccable maritime engineering. From its spacious interiors to its sturdy and elegant exterior, this boat promises both performance and luxury.

Why Settle for Less?

The Prince 38 Sport Cabin, with its vast array of features and unmatched aesthetics, invites you to a world of nautical excellence. Experience yachting at its best with this masterpiece.

Features at a Glance:

  • Hi-power deep-V hull with a 25° angle.
  • Large stern platform suitable for various engine configurations.
  • Dinette for leisurely activities.
  • Cabin room with comfortable berths.
  • Separate bathroom with marine WC.

Luxury Amenities:

  • Refrigerator for your refreshments.
  • Electric windlass for easy anchor management.
  • Teak flooring for an enhanced aesthetic appeal.
  • Shower system and stovetop for added convenience.

Boat Specifications:

  • Dry weight of 4200 kg for stability.
  • Impressive internal length of 10.30 meters.
  • Water tank with a capacity of 150 liters.
  • Fuel tank with a storage of 720 liters.
  • Max power of 1050 for smooth sailing.

Asia Global Yachting: Crafting Nautical Dreams

With Asia Global Yachting, you are assured of an unparalleled yachting experience. Specializing in luxurious yachts like the Prince 38 Sport Cabin, AGY stands as a beacon of maritime excellence in South East Asia.

For Enthusiasts Seeking More

At AGY, we believe in fulfilling every nautical dream. Whether it’s a specific customization or a query about the Prince 38 Sport Cabin, we’re here to assist. Your dream voyage is just a call away.


  1. What is the seating capacity of the Prince 38 Sport Cabin?
    It can comfortably accommodate up to 16 passengers.
  2. Does the boat come with a refrigerator?
    Yes, the Prince 38 Sport Cabin is equipped with a refrigerator.
  3. What are the engine configurations available?
    The boat is available for both outboard or sterndrive engines, in either Diesel or Gasoline.
  4. How spacious is the interior of the boat?
    The internal length of the boat is an impressive 10.30 meters, ensuring ample space for comfort.
  5. Who can I contact for more details?
    You can reach out to Asia Global Yachting for all queries and further information.

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