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Prince 50 Sport Cabin

Embrace the epitome of maritime sophistication with the Prince 50. With dimensions sprawling over 15.05 x 4.54 metres, this Italian beauty offers unparalleled comfort, functionality, and style, setting it apart from its contemporaries.



"The Prince 50 isn't just a boat; it's a manifestation of luxury and thoughtful design. From its spacious central hub to a kitchen replete with modern amenities, every inch resonates with excellence. Whether it's the stunning ceiling windows or the effortless flow between spaces, the Prince 50 promises a yachting experience like no other."

Step Inside


Luxury Afloat

Dive into a world of comfort and luxury with the Prince 50's interior. The main cabin welcomes you with a lavish bed complemented by seaview windows. Cabinets and valet trays are strategically placed, ensuring convenience. Additionally, the vessel boasts a double guest bed at the stern, accompanied by spacious wardrobes and drawer units.

Exterior Elegance


Craftsmanship at Its Best

The Prince 50's exterior is a blend of functionality and aesthetics. From the solid-teak dinette at the bow to retractable bitts and uniquely designed stainless-steel handrails, every element showcases meticulous craftsmanship.


Discover the Prince 50: A Nautical Masterpiece

The Prince 50, measuring an impressive 15.05 x 4.54 metres, embodies the pinnacle of yacht design. Offering a rare blend of luxury and functionality, it stands as a testament to Nuova Jolly Marine’s commitment to excellence.

Its cabin radiates opulence with a central hub that leads to a fully-equipped kitchen, boasting amenities like a sink, a 40-litre fridge, and a microwave oven. Adjacent to the kitchen is the bathroom, featuring a marine toilet, a shower, and elegant furniture units. The main cabin is a haven of comfort, hosting a grand bed flanked by seaview windows, while the stern houses a cozy double guest bed.

One cannot help but admire the ceiling windows, a design marvel that bathes the cabin in natural light, further accentuated by LED lights in the false ceiling. The aperture leading to the prow adds a touch of convenience, allowing seamless movement across the boat.

A Cockpit That Speaks Volumes

The Prince 50’s cockpit promises an experience of its own. The stern houses two broad walkways surrounding the sundeck, leading to a teak and steel dinette. The kitchen unit, complete with a sink, induction burners, and a 100-litre drawer fridge, ensures that every journey is well-catered. Helm enthusiasts will appreciate the ergonomic armchairs and a cockpit safeguarded by a double-layer tempered-glass windscreen.

The Prow: A Symphony of Design and Utility

The bow dinette stands as a marvel of engineering with its electrically activated, height-adjustable table. Every inch, from the solid teak deck to the retractable bitts, speaks of superior craftsmanship. Special emphasis is given to safety with the oval-shaped stainless-steel handrails, ensuring a firm grip.

Accessories and Customisations

With the Prince 50, luxury meets customisation. Standard features include air conditioning, an electrical power generator, and top-tier cushioning. Clients can also choose from a wide range of colors for the hull, deck, tubes, and cushioning, ensuring a personalised touch.

Features at a Glance:

    • Dry weight: 9,500 kg
    • Water tank capacity: 250 liters
    • Fuel tank capacity: 1,850 liters
    • Max power: 1,800
    • Passenger capacity: 20
    • Cabin count: 4

Equipment Insights

The Prince 50 is furnished with a range of standard equipment like the anchor compartment, bow compartments, hydraulic steering system, and more. Additionally, clients can opt for extras such as the T-Top with a fibreglass roof, bow thruster, and other custom requests to elevate their yachting experience.

Why the Prince 50 Stands Out

With its blend of aesthetic charm and functional prowess, the Prince 50 by Nuova Jolly Marine sets a new benchmark in luxury yachting. Every sail promises a blend of comfort, luxury, and memories that last a lifetime.

Ready to Experience the Prince 50?

Embrace the world of maritime luxury. Reach out to Nuova Jolly Marine and embark on a journey that redefines yachting.


  1. What is the maximum capacity of the Prince 50 yacht?
    The Prince 50 can accommodate up to 20 passengers.
  2. Are there customisation options available for the yacht’s appearance?
    Yes, you can personalise the hull, deck, tubes, and cushioning with a range of colors.
  3. Does the Prince 50 come with a bow thruster?
    Yes, a bow thruster is available as an optional extra.
  4. What is the unique feature of the Prince 50’s cushioning?
    The yacht features cushioning from Italvipla’s “Tropical” range, which remains comfortable even under prolonged sunlight.
  5. Is there a cabin onboard the Prince 50?
    Yes, the Prince 50 has four cabins, offering luxurious accommodations for guests.

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