Why Should You Charter A Yacht, Let Us Count The Reasons…

, Why Should You Charter A Yacht, Let Us Count The Reasons…, Asia Global Yachting (AGY)

“Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”

Why should you charter a yacht, let us count the reasons…

Of course, we are biased but we wholeheartedly agree with the above statement and its purely up to you, what you make of it.

From discovering destinations or getting from A to B, partying your socks off or taking in the tranquillity of the open water, life is simply better on a boat.

Still not convinced? Here’s our top ten reasons to charter a yacht and why the experience is magnified with AGY.

A time to connect:

Nothing brings people together like time on a yacht. No outside noise, just quality time for you and your loved ones as you share valuable time together with just nature for company. Reconnect with family and friends in the manner that you require. Celebrate special occasions or simply catch up after too long, it doesn’t matter the reason, just that you are together.

The AGY Difference:

Discretion is at the foremost of our standards so if its privacy you require, that is what you shall receive. Service is the core of our profession, and your desires will be met and more.

Rock and roll baby!

Let’s face it, yacht life is pretty baller so whether it’s a week away or just a day trip to celebrate a special occasion, a party on the ocean is pretty damn cool. You and your crew, out on the ocean, no-one to tell you to keep it down, living life to the max. It’s your party, do what you wanna do!

The AGY Difference:

Hey, we’re human too and we know what it’s like to want to let your hair down. What’s more, we know how to throw a party. Nothing is too much trouble to ensure you have the party you deserve. From bespoke food and wines to advice on the best destinations, we’ve got you covered.

Did we mention the scenery?

As we have mentioned, sailing a yacht offers unrivalled access to some of nature’s most wonderful gifts, from deserted white sand beaches, infinite ocean views, little-known coves, and of course the rising and setting sun! Honestly not much beats a sunrise or sunset surrounded by water appearing or disappearing behind an island, volcano or the ocean itself. Talk about an infinity pool! It’s time to forget about that busy trip on the way to see a famous and crowded tourist destination. No thanks!

The AGY Difference:

Our team has travelled the length and breadth of our destinations and more. They have witnessed it all, yet even they still marvel at what is round the next corner. After all, no sunset is ever the same and they cannot wait to share their knowledge with you.


The ocean is your oyster. Over 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by oceans, so you’ll never run out of places to sail. Travel to a variety of locations in a single trip, a deserted cove here, a secret reef there, the list goes on and on. Discover destinations in the most unique way on a yacht, either sipping champagne as you party with friends or simply taking in the wonders, while taking time to rejuvenate.

The AGY Difference:

There’s no wonder we haven’t explored, and your desires are our pleasure. Nothing is too much, nowhere is too far. We’ve trained for this for years and it’s our pleasure to ensure this experience, your special time, is perfect.

Some people wait a lifetime, some people don’t. Which are you?

A yacht experience is unlike any other, from exploring the world to making memories, it’s something that you must do at least once. It needs to be seen and felt to be believed, so we will say again. Some people wait a lifetime, some people don’t. Which are you?

The AGY Difference:

AGY prides itself on its people and their understanding of what makes a special experience an extraordinary one. By understanding our guests, we stay one step ahead and ensure your trip is a memorable one.

You won’t be bored…

Wondering how you’ll pass the time on your yacht? Where do we begin? Modern kitchens, numerous bedrooms and living areas, sun decks, exercise centres, cinemas, top-of-the-line sound systems, hot tubs, and other amenities are all features of AGY’s luxury boats. You’ll get the feeling of being on your own private cruise ship. And that’s just on-board! The ocean offers countless activities above and below the surface from diving and snorkelling to all the grown-up toys you can imagine. Jet-skis, paddle boards, inflatables, the list goes on. (By the way we haven’t even talked about on land adventures)

The AGY Difference:

It’s something we talk about a lot, but it always comes back to the team. We have gone through endless training through experience to ensure all our staff are ready to fulfil your every need. Massage, water sports, yoga… our team are at the top of their game.

Making Memories:

Whether for a few days or a couple of weeks, you’ll never forget your time on the water. An ocean life makes for great photos, conversations, and of course life-long memories. Additionally, it’s a great way to involve the kids as they play as part of the crew, gaining confidence on the water, whilst actively learning and improving communications skills.

The AGY Difference:

AGY, through years of experience, knows where to go and at what time, avoiding crowds and enhancing experiences ensuring your memories are more than memorable.

Discover new lands:

The beauty of ocean and yacht life is the ability to go where you want, when you want and that of course includes land adventures. While most holidays are restricted by travel, your yacht will take you anywhere. There is so much to discover from hiking volcanoes, jungle walks, waterfalls not to mention discovering new cultures and different ways of life. So never forget that your yacht charter is a gateway to discovery on and off the water.

The AGY Difference:

We have a diverse team, many of whom hail from the regions in which we sail, meaning an innate knowledge and understanding of the nature and culture of the surroundings. In other words, they know the place like the back of their hands and are happy to share the majesty and secrets of their homes and beyond.

Because you deserve it…

Life on a yacht is as calm as you want it to be, a time for rejuvenating and relaxing with friends and family with views to die for. No matter the vessel, you’ll be away from the madness of the real world, no traffic, no pollution, just loved ones and the natural world. Relaxing on a calm and quiet beach or boat takes you to different dimensions for long-lasting effects on your wellbeing. This is your time, and you deserve it.

The AGY Difference:

With AGY many of our yachts come with added extras such as therapists and even yoga instructors plus an experienced team ready to take you to the next stage of serenity.

It’s your time now:

The benefit of chartering a boat is that you choose your timetable and are not subject to anyone else’s. You have complete control over when, where and how long, the decision is yours. It’s your time now, use it as you will, remember what we said before? You deserve it!

The AGY Difference:

Nothing could be more accurate than the statement above and we are here to ensure you make the most of that time. We are here to suggest, based on our experience, and deliver our special blend of service to ensure you have a trip of a lifetime.

Excited yet?

So, there’s a few reasons why a yacht charter could be the one for you. We’ve barely scratched the surface to be honest, we haven’t even touched on learning to sail or the many unique and individual experiences possible on a charter, maybe we’ll do a follow up article.

We hope you enjoyed our top ten and that it’s given you food for thought or possibly was the push you needed to make the decision. Let us take you back to point 2:

Some people wait a lifetime, some people don’t. Which are you?

Drop us a line and let us help you create a memory of a lifetime.

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