Discovering Secret Gems

A Yachting Paradise in Indonesia’s Crown

Alor, in the Southeastern Indonesian Alor Archipelago, lures adventurers with its allure. Explore marine wonders, Moko kettledrum rhythms, highland villages, and the dramatic Batu Tara volcano on Komba Island.



“Embark on a distinctive voyage with AGY Global Yachting in the Alor Archipelago. Delight in opulent sailing, blending aquatic marvels and indigenous culture, from serene beaches to dormant volcanoes.”

Dive into Underwater Marvels

Explore Alor Archipelago’s vibrant undersea realm, boasting clear waters, colorful reefs, and a range of marine life, including hammerhead sharks. Unforgettable for divers.

Cultural Immersion

Beyond its marine marvels, the Alor Archipelago boasts a rich culture. Explore ancient villages by dormant volcanoes and experience the unique Moko kettledrums.

Whale Watching

Witness the allure of whale watching in Alor Archipelago’s deep channels from your yacht. Cherish the elegance and strength of these majestic creatures.

Macro Diving

Alor Archipelago, a haven for underwater photographers, abounds in small marvels like colorful nudibranchs and elusive pygmy seahorses, ensuring each dive yields distinctive finds.

Fishing Extravaganza

Angler’s Paradise: The Alor Archipelago beckons fishing enthusiasts with abundant game fish, including Spanish mackerel, dogtooth tuna, and yellowfin tuna, ensuring thrilling angling experiences for all.

Sailing Adventure

Sail Thrills: Navigate the challenging channels between Pantar, Alor, and Lembata, known for strong currents and pelagic fish, making yacht sailing here an adventure for all. Enjoy stunning coastal vistas.

Volcanic Dramas

Witness Nature’s Fury and Beauty

Venture to Komba Island and witness the spectacular eruptions of the Batu Tara volcano. This mesmerising natural phenomenon adds a thrilling dimension to your yachting adventure in Alor Archipelago.

Moko Beats & Highland

Immerse Yourself in Alor’s Indigenous Culture

Anchor at Alor’s highland villages and be welcomed with open arms by the indigenous tribes. Experience the enchanting beats of the Moko kettledrums, a cultural journey like no other.