Cenderawasih Bay


Underwater Paradise

Indonesia’s Hidden Diving Gem

Located in Indonesia’s West Papua, Cenderawasih Bay offers a secluded dive haven. Unlike Raja Ampat, its accessibility is limited annually. Dive amidst whale sharks, capture detailed marine photos, and explore WWII Japanese shipwrecks.



“Discover Cenderawasih Bay’s hidden dive spots with AGY Global Yachting. Experience untouched marine landscapes, mingle with whale sharks, and explore sunken WWII relics. Boasting a rich coral diversity and abundant sea life, this is an unrivaled diving adventure.”

Whale Shark Encounters

Cenderawasih Bay’s claim to fame is its friendly whale sharks. Dive into its clear waters for an unparalleled chance to swim with these enormous and serene giants.

WWII Wreck Dives

Cenderawasih Bay’s depths hide WWII treasures like submerged fighter planes and ships. Diving amidst these historical remnants offers an underwater journey into the past, a truly unique experience.

Macro Photography

Photographers can thrive in Cenderawasih Bay, abundant with macro photography prospects. Capture vibrant, intricate marine life like pygmy seahorses, frogfish, and mimic octopuses, all offering endless lens-worthy subjects.

Atoll Adventures

Venturing to Cenderawasih Bay’s distant atolls presents an exhilarating dive adventure. Discover striking underwater cliffs embellished with vivid sponges and diverse sea creatures, immersing yourself in unforgettable aquatic encounters.

Reef Exploration

Amid Cenderawasih Bay’s 18 diverse islands, vibrant and thriving reefs await exploration. Encounter a kaleidoscope of marine life, from parrotfish to butterflyfish, revealing the bay’s rich diving allure.

Marine Mammal Encounters

Beyond marine life, Cenderawasih Bay offers marine mammal sightings. Look for dolphins, pilot whales, and the rare dugong, adding thrilling moments to your diving explorations in this area.

Wreck Mysteries

Delve into history beneath the waves

Explore the remnants of World War II history as you navigate the sunken fighter jets and ships. Witness the silent testimony of a bygone era on these hauntingly beautiful dives.

Graceful Giants

Experience the Graceful Dance of Whale Sharks

Embark on a mesmerising underwater ballet as you encounter gentle whale sharks in their natural habitat. Cenderawasih Bay’s clear waters provide the perfect stage for this unforgettable performance.