Lombok & Gili Islands


Nautical Wonderland

Indonesia’s contrasting island treasures

Sail to Lombok’s Gili Islands with AGY Global Yachting. Experience vibrant Gili Trawangan nightlife and peaceful Gili Meno retreats, revealing Indonesia’s contrasting island treasures on one voyage.



“Journey through Lombok and Gili’s splendors aboard AGY Global Yachting. Dive into diverse marine wonders, idyllic beaches, and contrasting island vibes, crafting an unparalleled Indonesian yachting experience.”

Gili Trawangan Nightlife

Anchor at Gili Trawangan for a lively evening. This Gili hub pulses with nocturnal energy, featuring coastal bars, live tunes, and a welcoming vibe for dancers and chill-seekers alike.

Gili Meno Tranquility

For solitude and calm, choose Gili Meno, the Gili trio’s peaceful sanctuary. Ideal for couples or solitude-seekers, its untouched shores and vibrant snorkeling spots offer a serene escape.

Scuba Diving Adventures

Dive into the Gili Islands’ aquatic splendors, a hotspot for divers of all levels. Encounter colorful coral landscapes and varied sea creatures in these transparent, enchanting depths.

Secret Gili Islands Exploration

Navigate to Sekotong Bay’s Secret Gili Islands for an untamed getaway. Explore Gili Gede and Gili Nanggu’s tranquil bays, untouched shores, and peaceful ambiance for a truly memorable escape.

Sekotong Bay Cruise

Experience adventure and leisure on a Pirate-Style private charter in Sekotong Bay. Enjoy snorkeling, fishing, scenic beach walks, and a secluded bonfire, all set against azure waters.

Beach Bonfires and Vodka-Clear Waters:

Conclude your Lombok and Gili yachting day in bliss with a coastal fire, starlit skies, and calm seas for a soothing swim. It’s the epitome of serene island relaxation.

Sunset Views 

Enjoy breathtaking sunset views from Gili Trawangan

Drop anchor at Gili Trawangan and indulge in stunning twilight panoramas. The sky transforms into a canvas of vivid colors, offering an ideal setting for a love-filled getaway.

Dolphin Encounters

Witness playful dolphins in their natural habitat

Embark on a journey to Gili Air and immerse yourself in a touching encounter with joyful dolphins in the wild. This experience promises lasting memories for everyone involved.