Secluded Luxury

Navigate the Untouched BeautY

Step into a yachting paradise where remote authenticity meets lavish luxury. Navigate through the serene waters of Sumbawa & Moyo Islands with AGY Global Yachting, your gateway to maritime excellence.



“Embark on an unparalleled yachting experience with AGY Global Yachting in the Sumbawa & Moyo Islands. Unveil the hidden treasures of these remote islands, including Mata Jitu waterfalls, vibrant marine life, and age-old traditions.”


Dive into Moyo Island’s Coral Reefs

Discover Moyo Island’s underwater gems with AGY’s tailored dive trips. Experience crystal-clear views and encounter diverse sea life like reef sharks in this unmissable aquatic paradise.

Explore Mata Jitu Waterfall

Experience the awe-inspiring Mata Jitu waterfall on Moyo Island with AGY. Amidst verdant foliage, this stunning water feature becomes your own lavish sanctuary during your voyage.

Make a Wish at Satonda Island’s Crater Lake

Explore Satonda Island’s enigmatic crater lake, a stone’s throw from Moyo. Local myths say hanging a rock in nearby trees grants wishes, making it an intriguing day trip.

Traditional Phinisi Boat Building Village Visit

Witness the age-old craft of Phinisi boat-making in a local hamlet through AGY Global Yachting. Observe artisans skillfully constructing these vessels, preserving a generational art form.

Sangeang Volcano Dive

Dive into Sangeang Volcano’s exotic sites like “Deep Purple” amidst volcanic sands and aquatic springs. AGY Global Yachting guarantees an exhilarating yet secure underwater adventure.

Wildlife Trek on Moyo Island

Journey into Moyo Island’s untouched jungles with AGY Global Yachting. Encounter native wildlife from playful monkeys to stealthy monitor lizards, ensuring nature’s sanctity remains undisturbed.

Exotic Safari

Savor the raw beauty

From its lush forests to vibrant marine life. Embark on a wildlife trek or dive into an underwater world where corals and creatures paint the sea with shades of rainbow.

Volcanic Ventures

Satiate your thirst for adventure

By exploring the volcanic landscapes of Sangeang and Satonda Islands. Dive into hot springs, trek up volcanic trails, and make a wish by a mystical crater lake.