Sailing into Serenity

Yachting Adventures in Koh Lipe

A tranquil haven in the Andaman Sea. Discover untouched shores and translucent waters that redefine paradise. Elevate your sailing adventure in this idyllic island sanctuary.



“Discover the allure of Koh Lipe with AGY Global Yachting. We offer premium yacht charters that unlock the beauty of this island gem, ensuring your escape to

paradise is nothing short of extraordinary.”

Snorkeling in Emerald Waters

Koh Lipe boasts untouched and vivid coral reefs in the Andaman Sea. AGY Global Yachting offers unforgettable underwater adventures with expert guides.

Beachfront Bliss

Koh Lipe boasts Sunrise Beach and Sunset Beach, each with pristine sands and stunning vistas. AGY guarantees an idyllic beachfront experience, from morning strolls to sunset cocktails.

Island Hopping

Koh Lipe is encircled by captivating islands such as Koh Adang and Koh Rawi, each with its allure, from dense jungles to secluded bays. AGY’s yacht charters offer the freedom to embark on a distinctive island-hopping escapade.

Local Culture

Explore Koh Lipe’s rich culture at the Chao Ley sea gypsy village. Engage in their traditions, relish local cuisine, and understand their profound connection to the sea with AGY’s cultural experiences.

Dining Delights

Koh Lipe entices with its scrumptious seafood and Thai gastronomy. AGY welcomes you to savor beachfront restaurant dishes highlighting the island’s plentiful seafood. It enhances its innate charm.

Starlit Serenade

As night descends, Koh Lipe’s skies ignite with a mesmerizing starry spectacle. AGY Global Yachting invites you to embrace this enchantment aboard your private yacht—a romantic, unforgettable celestial serenade.

Marine Wonderland

Coral Gardens and Underwater Marvels

Beneath the crystal-clear waters of Koh Lipe lies a world of wonder. Snorkel or dive to discover vibrant coral gardens teeming with tropical fish and rare sea creatures. AGY’s expert guides will take you on an aquatic journey like no other.

Tropical Bliss

Island Relaxation

Koh Lipe is the epitome of paradise, where you can unwind on pristine beaches, bask in the warmth of the sun, and soak in the tranquil ambiance. AGY Global Yachting ensures your stay is both luxurious and immersed in natural beauty.