Mu Ko Similan Marine Park


Diver’s Paradise

Unlocking Andaman’s Best-Kept Secret

In the Andaman Sea, the Similan Islands form the remarkable Mu Ko Similan Marine Park, with 11 distinct islands celebrated for clear waters, sandy beaches, and lively coral reefs, a premier diving destination.



“Mu Ko Similan Marine Park beckons ocean lovers. With AGY Global Yachting, journey to this untouched haven. Swim in crystalline blue depths, bask on soft sands, and delve into an underwater spectacle. Experience the magic of Mu Ko Similan with us.”

Sail Rock Dive

Discover Sail Rock in the Similan Islands, a premier spot for whale sharks and manta ray encounters. Dive into this colorful coral wonderland for an extraordinary marine adventure.

Donald Duck Bay Exploration

Relax at Donald Duck Bay, famous for its unique rock formation resembling the beloved cartoon character. Ideal for tranquil snorkeling, swimming, and sunbathing in the Similan Islands.

Princess Bay Serenity

Recharge at Princess Bay on Koh Similan, offering crystal-clear waters and pristine sandy shores. Perfect for sunbathing, leisurely swims, and snorkeling adventures in Mu Ko Similan Marine Park.

Richelieu Rock Adventure

Embark on a Richelieu Rock expedition, a famed diving spot known for its diverse marine life. Encounter impressive whale sharks and elegant manta rays, making it a must-see for Andaman Sea lovers.

Sunset Spectacle

Conclude your Similan adventure with breathtaking sunset views over the Andaman Sea. Several viewpoints provide unmatched twilight scenes, creating a romantic and magical ending to your island exploration.

Island-Hopping Extravaganza

Explore beyond Mu Ko Similan with an island-hopping expedition. Cruise to undiscovered coves, tranquil beaches, and lesser-known islands, uncovering hidden regional gems.

Unspoiled Nature

Encounter rare wildlife in a protected paradise

Explore the preserved marine world of the Similan Islands within Mu Ko Similan National Park. Encounter untouched landscapes, observe uncommon fauna, and partake in sustainable pursuits in this dedicated preserve.

Viewpoint Delight

Panoramic vistas of island beauty

Climb to Similan Viewpoint on Koh Similan for awe-inspiring, sweeping views of the islands and ocean. Snap memorable photos and soak in the mesmerising beauty of this island chain.