Phang Nga Bay & Krabi


Nautical Wonders

Sailing Through Thailand’s Majestic Wonders

From the otherworldly limestone karsts of Phang Nga Bay to the natural sanctuaries of Krabi, we guide you through Thailand’s most sought-after yachting destinations.



“Immerse yourself in the maritime splendor of Phang Nga Bay & Krabi with AGY Global Yachting. We curate unparalleled yachting experiences, showcasing the region’s natural treasures.”

Go Vertical in Paradise

Embark on a Krabi adventure by ascending its renowned limestone formations. Suitable for all levels, AGY Global Yachting ensures both safety and excitement.

An Odyssey of Islands

Explore the stunning islands in the vicinity of Phang Nga Bay and Krabi, including the famous Phi Phi Islands and serene Koh Lanta beaches, with our customized island-hopping excursions.

A Journey to the Earth’s Hidden Chambers

Discover the hidden hongs and sea caves of Phang Nga Bay through guided sea kayak tours. Paddle through narrow passageways, uncovering serene lagoons and unique ecosystems accessible only by kayak.

Unlock the Marine Treasure Chest

Discover Phang Nga Bay and Krabi’s enchanting underwater world, filled with vibrant marine creatures, breathtaking coral reefs, and tranquil sea turtles. Certified guides ensure a memorable diving experience.

Savor a Slice of Floating Life

Experience Koh Panyee, a unique elevated village, and delve into its close-knit Muslim traditions. Explore crafts, savor seafood, enrich your voyage.

Paint the Sky with Hues of Fire

Conclude your day with a twilight sail. Witness limestone formations and jade waters awash in golden light. Snap photos or simply savor the ambiance, beverage in hand, as the sun sets.

Wildlife Wonders

Beyond the Waters: Phang Nga Bay’s Flora and Fauna

Engage with a diverse range of wildlife during your sailing expedition, including frolicsome monkeys and awe-inspiring Brahminy kites. These encounters enhance the richness of your nautical journey, creating unforgettable moments in nature’s embrace.

Secret Hongs

The Hidden Havens of Phang Nga Bay

Explore hidden tidal lagoons, locally known as ‘hongs,’ revealing their lesser-explored allure and distinctive ecosystems. These secret enclaves hold secluded beauty and rare natural habitats, awaiting your discovery.