Sunrise Yoga Cruise

Sunrise Yoga Cruise with Asia Global Yachting

Asia Global Yachting welcomes you to a Sunrise Yoga Cruise, where the tranquility of the ocean and the energy of the rising sun converge to offer a rejuvenating experience. Navigate through the peaceful waters of South East Asia, as you immerse yourself in a mindful yoga session, kickstarting your day with serenity and positivity.

What is a Sunrise Yoga Cruise?

A Sunrise Yoga Cruise with Asia Global Yachting is a spiritual voyage where the calm of the ocean enhances your yoga practice. It’s a journey where the gentle sea breeze and the soft hues of the sunrise create a perfect environment for meditation and physical wellness, all set against the stunning backdrops of South East Asia.


Your Odyssey of Elegance

“Our Sunrise Yoga Cruises are designed to foster mental, physical, and spiritual wellness, providing a peaceful retreat where the calm of the sea and the energy of yoga merge into a harmonious experience, ensuring you begin your day with tranquility and vitality.”

Our Expertise

Asia Global Yachting: The Zenith of Nautical Wellness in South East Asia

As pioneers in curating luxurious and rejuvenating nautical experiences in the tranquil waters of Thailand, Indonesia, and Hong Kong, our Sunrise Yoga Cruises stand as a beacon of wellness and serene luxury, promising a journey where your spirit is sure to soar.


Our Approach

Awakening Harmony: Our Yoga Cruise Ethos

From the curated yoga sessions to the serene sailing through peaceful waters, every element of our Sunrise Yoga Cruise is crafted to ensure your physical and mental wellbeing are nurtured and revitalised, promising a journey that is as harmonious as the ocean itself.



Beyond the Sunrise: Your Holistic Voyage with Asia Global Yachting

Asia Global Yachting extends a range of nautical experiences, from adventurous expeditions to serene cruises, ensuring your time on the water is an endless journey of discoveries, adventures, and tranquility.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Absolutely! Our yoga sessions can be modified to accommodate all levels of practice, ensuring a nurturing and inclusive experience for every participant.

A: Our yachts are equipped with all necessary amenities, including yoga mats and refreshments, to ensure your yoga cruise is comfortable, convenient, and rejuvenating.

A: Certainly! We can curate private Sunrise Yoga Cruises, ensuring your group enjoys an intimate and personalized experience amidst the serene waters of South East Asia.