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Lady M - Sunseeker Predator 50



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Lady M - Sunseeker Predator 50

Launched in 2020, the Sunseeker Predator 50 is a 16.48-meter hardtop enclosed yacht, combining dynamic design with opulent interiors in light and white tones. With spacious open areas, including foredeck seating and a stern terrace, it offers luxurious comfort in two cabins, featuring a midships owner’s suite and a fore guest cabin with a V-shaped sliding bed. Notable features include a sliding roof hatch and an upward-opening window for an immersive voyage experience. A true embodiment of luxury and performance on the seas.

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Elegance at Sea: The Ultimate Yachting Experience

“Experience the height of nautical elegance aboard Lady M, where sleek design meets unmatched comfort. Every journey transforms into an unforgettable adventure, setting a new standard for luxury sea travel.”

Step Inside


Refined Comfort Amidst the Waves

Lady M's interiors are a testament to luxury, with light and brown tones that create a warm, inviting atmosphere. From the living room with its own bar to the dining area opposite the galley kitchen, every space is designed for comfort and elegance. The yacht's master suite and guest cabin offer unparalleled tranquility and privacy.

Exterior Elegance


Sleek Design, Boundless Horizons

The Sunseeker Predator 50 boasts a dynamic exterior with a hardtop enclosed design that encapsulates its spirited essence. The foredeck seating area and stern terrace seamlessly extend the luxury from inside out, promising panoramic views and intimate moments under the sun or stars.


Discover Lady M – A Marvel of Maritime Engineering

Launched in 2020, the Lady M, a Sunseeker Predator 50, epitomises the pinnacle of maritime engineering and luxury. Its predatory and dynamic design ensures speed and agility, while the opulent materials and sophisticated color palette guarantee a voyage of unparalleled comfort and style.

The yacht’s design emphasises open spaces, from the inviting seating area on the foredeck to the elegant terrace at the stern, which transitions seamlessly into the salon. The interior is equally impressive, featuring a living room complete with a bar, a dining room adjacent to the galley kitchen, and luxurious cabins designed for ultimate relaxation.

Lady M is equipped with notable features like a sliding roof hatch that opens up to the sky, and an upward-opening window at the saloon entrance, enhancing the semi-closed boat concept and bringing the outside in.

Key Features of Lady M

  • 16.48 meters in length, embodying sleek design and agility
  • Opulent interiors with a sophisticated palette of light and brown tones
  • Ample open spaces including a foredeck seating area and a stern terrace
  • Living room with bar and dining room opposite the galley kitchen
  • Luxurious owner’s suite and guest cabin with high-end comforts
  • Sliding roof hatch and upward-opening saloon window for an immersive experience

Lady M: A Synonym for Luxury and Adventure

The Sunseeker Predator 50, Lady M, is not just a yacht; it’s a statement of luxury and a testament to the adventurous spirit of its guests. Designed primarily for comfort and performance, it offers a unique blend of speed, elegance, and space, making it ideal for those who seek both thrill and comfort in their maritime journeys.

Book Your Journey on Lady M

Asia Global Yachting (AGY) invites you to experience the unparalleled elegance and excitement of the Lady M. As the premier choice for luxury yacht charters in South East Asia, we ensure your voyage on the Sunseeker Predator 50 will be as memorable as it is majestic.

Embark on an Unforgettable Adventure

Ready to set sail on Lady M? Contact AGY today to book your luxury charter and embark on an unforgettable adventure across the azure waters of South East Asia.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes Lady M stand out among luxury yachts?
  • Its combination of dynamic design, luxurious interiors, and advanced features like the sliding roof hatch and open spaces make it uniquely appealing.
  • How many guests can Lady M accommodate?
  • Designed for comfort, it accommodates guests in two opulent cabins, offering intimate and lavish quarters.
  • Where can I charter Lady M?
  • Lady M is available for charter through Asia Global Yachting (AGY), specialising in luxury maritime experiences in South East Asia.
  • Can I customise my itinerary on Lady M?
  • Yes, AGY allows for personalised itineraries, ensuring your journey on Lady M meets all your expectations.
  • What activities are available onboard?
  • From relaxing in the luxurious salon to enjoying the open spaces on the foredeck and stern, Lady M offers a range of activities for enjoyment and relaxation.

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