Navigating with Confidence: Your Guide to Yacht Insurance

Embark on your maritime journeys with confidence with AGY Asia Global Yachting’s Yacht Insurance services. Based in Asia, our tailored insurance solutions are designed to provide comprehensive coverage, ensuring peace of mind for yacht owners in the region..

What is “Yacht Insurance”?

Yacht Insurance protects your vessel from unforeseen damages and liabilities. AGY Asia Global Yachting offers customised insurance policies that cover a range of risks, providing security and financial protection for yacht owners in Asia.

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Asia Global Yachting: Your Trusted Yacht Insurance Ally

Choose AGY Asia Global Yachting for reliable and comprehensive yacht insurance. Our expertise in maritime insurance policies ensures you receive the best coverage options, tailored to your specific needs and sailing adventures in Asia.


AGY’s Custom Approach to Yacht Insurance

Our approach to yacht insurance is as unique as your vessel. AGY Asia Global Yachting offers personalised insurance solutions, ensuring your yacht receives the protection it deserves. We understand the intricacies of the Asian maritime environment, providing coverage that’s as expansive as your voyages.


Asia Global Yachting: Safeguarding Your Voyages in Asian Waters

AGY Asia Global Yachting is recognised as the leading provider of yacht insurance in Asia. Our in-depth local knowledge and tailored insurance plans make us the preferred choice for yacht owners seeking comprehensive protection in Asian waters.


Beyond Insurance: AGY’s Array of Yachting Services

AGY Asia Global Yachting goes beyond insurance, offering a suite of yachting services including yacht registration, crew management, and bespoke yachting experiences. Discover how we can enhance every aspect of your yachting lifestyle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below commonly asked questions from our clients.

A: Yacht insurance typically covers risks like damage to the vessel, liability for injury or property damage, theft, and sometimes even special circumstances like weather-related incidents.

A: Yes, AGY specialises in customising yacht insurance policies to meet the specific needs and concerns of each yacht owner.

A: Local knowledge is vital as it ensures that your insurance coverage is aligned with regional maritime laws and specific risks associated with sailing in Asian waters.