Our Process

Our Process at Asia Global Yachting – Navigating Yacht Transactions Seamlessly

Dive into Asia Global Yachting’s meticulous process, crafted over years of expertise. Whether buying or selling in South East Asia, we ensure a journey as luxurious as the yachts we broker.

What is “Our Process”?

Our process is a systematic approach to yacht brokerage, ensuring that every client experiences efficiency, transparency, and excellence from start to finish. Crafted over years, it’s the backbone of our unmatched reputation in the yachting industry.

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Our Fleet

Yacht for Sale

Samata Phinisi


Yacht for Sale

Azimut 58


Yacht for Sale

Formosa 51


Yacht for Sale

Bali Catspace 3C


Yacht for Sale

Bali Catspace 4C


Yacht for Sale

2022 Highfield Patrol


Yacht for Sale

Sehat Elona


Yacht for Sale

Fontaine Pajot Bahia 46


Yacht for Sale

Bavaria 360 HT


Yacht for Sale

Raja Ombak


Yacht for Sale

Gammara Phinisi


Yacht for Sale

Watercraft Outborn



Asia Global Yachting: Mastery Behind the Method

Our process is not just a sequence of steps. It’s the culmination of years of experience, deep market insights, and a passion for serving our clients. With Asia Global Yachting, you’re in the hands of seasoned maritime professionals.


Charting the Course: Our Detailed Approach

Every journey with Asia Global Yachting starts with understanding. From there, we chart a course through valuation, marketing, negotiation, and final transaction, ensuring every detail is addressed with precision. 


Asia Global Yachting: Pioneering Process Excellence in South East Asia

In Thailand, Indonesia, and Hong Kong, our process stands as a beacon of trust and efficiency. It’s why Asia Global Yachting remains the first choice for discerning yacht enthusiasts in the region. 


Beyond the Transaction: Our Commitment to You

Our process doesn’t end with a handshake. We’re here for the long haul, offering support, guidance, and an array of maritime services to ensure your yachting experience remains unparalleled.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below commonly asked questions from our clients.

A: While each transaction is unique, our efficient process and vast network often lead to quicker deals without compromising quality or value.

A: Our process is rooted in deep industry knowledge, transparency, and a commitment to client success. We prioritize clear communication and ensure every client feels valued and informed throughout.

A: We believe in collaboration. While we handle the heavy lifting, we always ensure our clients are involved and informed at every pivotal stage.