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Charter Management at Asia Global Yachting – Maximising Yacht Investments in South East Asia

Unlock the full potential of your yacht with Asia Global Yachting’s charter management services. Tailored to optimise returns and maintain your vessel’s pristine condition, we are South East Asia’s premier choice.

What is “Charter Management”?

Charter Management is the strategic operation of a yacht as a charter business, balancing usage and chartering to maximise returns. With Asia Global Yachting, owners enjoy both the pleasures of yachting and the benefits of a rewarding investment.

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Asia Global Yachting: Navigating Success in Charter Management

Our approach to charter management is rooted in precision, transparency, and a deep understanding of the maritime market. We ensure your yacht is positioned optimally, fetching premium charters while ensuring its upkeep.


Setting Sail to Profitability: Our Management Philosophy

Beyond simply chartering out your vessel, we focus on its holistic management – from regular maintenance and crew training to marketing and client liaisons, ensuring every charter reflects our signature standard of excellence.


Asia Global Yachting: The Vanguard of Charter Management in South East Asia

In the dynamic waters of Thailand, Indonesia, and Hong Kong, our charter management services stand unmatched. Through strategic operations and meticulous care, we transform yachts into thriving ventures.


Beyond Management: The Asia Global Yachting Promise

Our relationship with yacht owners transcends business. Dive into a suite of services with Asia Global Yachting, from yacht exchanges to brokerage, ensuring your maritime journey is expansive and enriching.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below commonly asked questions from our clients.

A: Through strategic marketing, a vast client network, and deep regional insights, we position your yacht to attract premium charters, ensuring consistent and rewarding returns.

A: Absolutely! We maintain a balanced calendar, ensuring owners can enjoy their yachts while also benefiting from charter revenue. Personal usage is scheduled in harmony with charter bookings.

A: Every yacht under our management undergoes regular maintenance checks, cleaning, and safety inspections. We also ensure that all charters are operated with trained crews, ensuring the vessel’s pristine condition and safety.